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Monday, August 13th, 2012

Well yes!

Last weekend the Eva Lingon media group went to the island of Korpo to shoot a music video for the rock duo called Friends with Jackson, all within’ the European Media Literacy project named Yo!Bana.

We had a fab time with the island youngsters, they did a great job acting out the song in front of our lenses.

( Friends with Jackson 1/2 – Gustav Nyström & Albin Hellgren – Photo by Niklas Laurin )

( Friends with Jackson 2/2 – Albin Hellgren – Photo by Niklas Laurin )

The video for their song “In my way” will be out later on and found on the Yo!Bana youtube-channel – you’ll find it through the Yo!Bana website.

And yes, short info on the Yo!Bana thing – It is a media literacy project for young islanders and everyone working close to them. It has been set up in order to improve filmmaking and film screening possibilities for youth in the central Baltic archipelago. So now you know!

—>>> Yo!Bana

—>>> Friends with Jackson

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Yo!Tage

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