Vink x 2

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Yes, this is new!

Since I snooped around as the festival photographer at both Popkalaset 2011 in Ekenäs and at The Rocklandia festival in Wasa I figured I’d make a combo out of the Vink shots since they performed at both of the festivities. Swell one!

So, here you go, for the first time ever – I’m putting out shots from 2 different shows at the same time – and of the same band. Eat it. Vink Vink!

( Vink by Tage – Rocklandia and Popkalaset 2011 )

Now you have yourselves a good one alright!

—>>> Vink

Do go see these fellas if you ever get the chance!

// Tage – Vink 182

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