Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

( The Mutanen Boys )

Sunday is getting closer by the minute and the music video team is preparing themselves from every possible angle. And for those of you who don’t know what I’m on about, well, this Sunday we are shooting our forth music video, and this time it’s for a band called Coredust.

Today we went to a place called P.Mutasen Elokuvakonepaja to check out a crane and some tripods. We are actually gonna rent some filming tools to get this one done, it’s gonna be hella cool. We are definitely gonna rent the camera crane we checked out today to get som “flight” into our video. I haven’t really got any big time crane experience, but what the hell, we’ll try the crane anyhow…

Tomorrow we’ll have a team sit-down to figure out some schedules and some shot lists, so more of that tomorrow.. Hopefully you, my great reader, will be able to follow the whole video process on my blog, but as for now I haven’t really got anything new to say, but please click the image to get a great look at the boys doing the video, sad enough I took the picture so I couldn’t join forces with the troops. From your right you have the infamous Andy Maplefield follwed by the great Ramedus and to your left you get the stone cold Magnum W. Three cool ones for ya..

Peace out.

// Tage – Coredust

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  1. Cool, we look like a Rock band :)

  2. Vi sir ju hårda ut som stryk ;)

  3. Här får du en kommentar till bara för att vi e så strykhårda ;)

  4. Ni e så sakens hårda faaschor!

  5. Stryk va ordet!

  6. Strykhårda så perkele!

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