Saturday, March 13th, 2010

So yes?

Together with Ramedus we have got quite a few new music video projects on our “to do lists”.. This is pure awesomeness, keep em’ comin bands and artists – we wanna do stuff!

Sadly not every project is completely agreed on yet so I can’t give away too much detail, but I can at least let you know that we are shooting a second video for The Cajunga. The band has not decided on which song is going to be their second single, but at least we are shooting a video to accompany the second single from their debut album “Dancing with the Boys”.

And yes, during the next Sunday, not tomorrow, we are shooting the Coredust video to the song “Without Disguise”.. The script, the team and the everything else is now around 95% finished. The funny thing is that we are gonna use a few extras for this one, and one of the extras will be Jaska Raatikainen from Children of Bodom – now that’s pretty cool! A big thank you to him for joining the shoot!

The third video is in the early planning stage, but still agreed on from both sides. It’s a music video for the Helsinki-based rock act called Walkalone. We’ll probably shoot that one in May or so.. So everything is kinda infant with that video, but at least it’s gonna go through… Lookin’ forward to it!

And then finally, we have 2 or 3 other videos on the board, but more of those projects later, when I know for sure that Tage and Ramedus will be thier helmers! I think the plan should be to put together one video each month, or is it too ambitious, I think not.. And as for know it’s looking quite allright with the three upcoming videos. So, I’m pretty excited :)

Have a great Saturday night everybody! More news from the music/media/photo/video world surrounding at least Tage, tomorrow… No pics today, but at least I bought a new black and white film roll today so I can shoot some more old school frames during the weekend in Wasa.. Peace out mothertruckers.

// Tage

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  1. Awesome, keep it coming!
    And Jaska Raatikainen?! Really? Even more awesome! The video will be great.

  2. :) I will try to keep them coming!
    And I really believe that the Coredust video is gonna be good.. And yes, I read about you not getting to Finland this year.. Sad. Don’t know how to cheer you up….

  3. Yeah…I guess I’ll be alright in a month or two.

    I’m glad for you, though. Seems like your gonna have a blast this year!

  4. ..in a month or two.. :)
    I sure hope that you will “get better” a bit faster than that.. Your Finland visit will come, soon, and it will be a freakin’ blast… And as or my “blast” year.. haha, only if I get more and more stuff to do.. Every day should be a challange, would like new projects every day… Have a great Saturday girl!

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