Two shoots – One day

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Well yes.

It is not that often that one man gets to do two different promotional shoots on the same day. This post holds two quick snaps from both of these shoots, I am later to return with a full batch for ya’ll, but for now you’ll have to settle with one snap from each shoot. Or as the great Zach de la Rocha once put it, inverted and twisted ofcourse. We’ll settle for nothing now, and we’ll settle for more Tage later. You follow? Hectic and awesome.

So, the first couple of fellas I portrayed this Tuesday was Anders Helenius and Samppe Karlsson. Promotional shots for an upcoming radio show.

( Anders & Samppe )

The second pair of lads in front of my lens this day was the great artists Jerry Lindqvist and Paul Oxley, we headed out to the dark forests of Noux to snap these frames – lovely. A bunch of promotional shots for an upcoming single these guys put together – definitely something to wait for, I got to listen to this track today and their co-operation sounds really good. Keep a lookout.

( Jerry Lindqvist & Paul Oxley )

So, here is a few links to check out!

—>>> Anders Helenius

—>>> Samppe Karlsson

—>>> Jerry Lindqvist

—>>> Jerry and the Outlaws

—>>> Paul Oxley

Have a good one brothers and sisters.

// Tage – long day

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