Two days of Brymir ahead

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Yes, brilliant!

So, tomorrow our epic journey of pain kicks off. For two days straight we’ll shoot a music video for Brymir to their epic song called “Retribution”, this will be the bands’ first video.

The first day of shooting will be all about collecting studio footage, the band is about to rock the Arcada studio in Helsinki. Quite a lot of things will go down tomorrow so do wish us luck with everything!

The second day of shooting this thing will go down in Porvoo on the vast fields of death, I’m really lookin forward to that day since we are gonna try something physically awesome stuff, more on that matter later – but hey, it’s gonna be epic.

Keep your fingers crossed metal heads, cause we are in for a ride of pain!

// Tage – The Brymir director

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