Tomas Ledin

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Great news, nice news! Oh yes.

Today I got the mail of joy, the mail of clarification. Tage will be shooting the Tomas Ledin show in Wasa Areena this Friday! This was all great news.

And of course, as always with big rock shows, I will only be allowed to take shots during three songs, so I’d better hurry up to get the real nice ones.

It is rather seldom that someone gigs in the Wasa Areena, so it’s a real treat to get to shoot a concert over there. The last time I was in the Areena, I think, yes I think I saw a Bomfunk MC’s concert several years back, you know, the Freestyler-guys, rock the microphone! Awesome..

Anyway, if you don’t know Tomas Ledin I’ll hit you with a youtube clip of him performing one of his greatest hits at Allsång på Skansen in Stockholm.. Enjoy it..

( Tomas Ledin – I natt är jag din )

Tomas Ledin is the (pronounced “deee”) Swedish hit maker, a man behind hits like Sommaren är kort, Sensuella Isabella, En del av mitt hjärta, Hon gör allt för att göra mig lycklig, Vi är på gång, Snart tystnar musiken, 500 dagar om året  and Just nu.. He has released around 30 records since he started back in the 70′s when Finntroll and Kevin Borg didn’t do any shows at all…

Everyone in Northern Europe knows this man – a rock icon. I’ve seen him only once before, and it will be a surefire pleasure to look at this handsome rocker through my lens of rock – ah that sounded really cheezy, but whaddayagonna do ey?

Wish me luck everyone. And if by any chance I’ll get him to do a video blog for me, now that would be something, we’ll see how it goes! Today Wasa Arena, tomorrow Hartwall Arena.. No?

Later that evening I’m going to the official Ledin afterparty to shoot some pics of Fredrik Furu and Nina Lassander who are performing at Amarillo in Wasa. C U there? Hopefully..

Take care now folks. And I’m gonna finish up today by writing down a really Swenglish thing..!

// Tage – The Summer is short!

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4 Responses to “Tomas Ledin”

  1. Wooowww…så cooolt! Så du kommer ti träff en kändis ;)

  2. Hahaaa! En rikti julkkis! :)

  3. Ska vi byta liv Tage?

  4. ..haha, ja hadd lite kela de här i veckan, kan man byta rakt av bara eller hamnar jag ge någå emellan? Typ en malax limpa och en rööki?

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