Three fresh flicks!

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Yes. Here goes, check out three rather super-new music videos released on the almighty web.

I very much approve of this message. Give yourself a silly 10 minutes to find the joy in life – good music videos.

( Reckless Love – Hot – Directed by Jaakko Manninen )

( Turisas – Stand up and fight – Directed by Iain Sclater )

( In Flames – Deliver us – Directed by Patric Ullaeus )

Hope you enjoyed these babies, I know I did – I feel great actually. Why not watch em’ again? At least the Reckless Love thing, it has a very cool ring to it!

—>>> Reckless Love

—>>> Turisas

—>>> In Flames

—>>> Iain Sclater

—>>> Patric Ullaeus

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Tip #618

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