The Walkalone Wideo Shoot

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Yes way! Another video shoot in the can.. Walkalone – Echoes. The feeling is awesome n’ grand!

( Walkalone )

Today we had a splendid video day with the crew.. An amazing day so to speak, when everything went almost according to plan, almost.. And almost is always as close as you’re going to get, so we made it! Every frame is taken and every feeling is collected. We will begin the editing sessions with Rasmus Tåg tomorrow morning and the whole shebang should premier during the 7th of August – so keep your eyes open boys and girls!

Oh, maybe I should mention what we did today, well, we shot a music video for the Helsinki rockers called Walkalone, the video for their new single called Echoes.

( Magnum W )

Yes, I thought I’d give you some good one’s from today’s video shoot.. Hope you enjoy them. Stories, stories.. U-hum. Better post another shot..

( El director Tage on the set )

We shot the video on two 5D mark Tage’s with a good collection of different lenses at the MediaCity studios with the lovely Mentor Dreshaj as our gaffer – the man is great with lights! Better post a shot of the man, hold on..

( Mentor Dreshaj )

Yes, not only is Mentor a great gaffer, he also has some serious skills with the steady-cam apparature. He managed to get some really rockin’ shots of the rockin’ boys, that’s a promise – you’ll see.. And I should not leave out Rasmus Tåg, our cinematographer – check him out!

( Rasmus – el photo )

I’ve checked out some of the material grabbed by Ramedus this fine day, and let me tell you, it’s gonna look awesome, just awesome! Some more shots, yes please!

( Sara – el Make-up )

( Elvis )

( Yes, I felt happy at the end of the day )

And now I wanna take a moment to thank everyone in the team and everyone in the band, thanks a lot you guys for a fantastic splendid awesome day! We got what we came for. And now it’s up to Tage and Rasmus to edit things up a bit  - a seriously rockin’ three minutes of Walkalone!

( Magnum W – the photo assistant dude-man )

And hey, are you up for one last shot, well of course you are! The very important group portrait.. So, here you go, the team!

( The Echoes Team )

And as told before.. The video will be released on the 7th of August in Helsinki at Semifinal when Walkalone will give us their next gig! The show is gonna be grand, why not join us! Yes please..!

And while your at it, check out the band’s website! THE WALKALONE SITE

// Tage – Kyllikki, Legendaarista!

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6 Responses to “The Walkalone Wideo Shoot”

  1. AWESOME INSERT!!!!!!!!!! Can I like it again? ^^

    First, I noticed that you really like the letter “w” :D Haha, nice!
    Second…*check this out, I’m talking about your….wait for it….hair* :D :D:D:D Is it longer? I bet you can headbang that shit. Nice, nice, nice *nods in approval*
    All the shots are really cool, the team is also really adorable (yes, I lack words, ok?), the girls are looking good. Oh, man…I’m getting exited!
    I will be with you mentally in Helsinki on 7-th of August, I promise (btw, i would’ve been in Finland on 4-th of august and I really could’ve come and see the premiere, but I can’t and it sucks, but hey…I’m totally coming to at least one in the future!)

    7-TH OF AUGUUUUUUUST. Yes, baby! Bring it. Can’t wait.

  2. One more thing: That happy shot of yours should totally be featured in a magazine or something! <333

  3. “W” for the win!
    And my hair, first it was all about André’s hair, and now you’ve noticed something about my hair, haha.. Wish I could headbang it, but I can’t.. :) And yes, there will me more of these premiers in the future, so I bet you’ll be able to join us some day for a nice video premier!

    Thank you for the kind words on the shots, thanks!

  4. Vitsi de ser siistit ut.. Säääden ni e hårda faijjor! O fotona e ju siistiga så tusan!;)

  5. e väldigt hårda faijor!:)

  6. [...] the band Walkalone is now online! Check out the making of pics at the director Tage Rönnqvist blog HERE Director — Tage Rönnqvist Cinematographer — Rasmus Tåg Gaffer — Mentor Dreshaj 1st [...]

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