Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Yes way!

Let me present to you a couple of new promo shots. This time the band in front of my lens is called Walkalone. I have previously shot these guys live some time ago, but never under “controlled” circumstances. Enjoy it ladies and ladies.

( Walkalone promo shoot! )

I’ve mentioned this shoot several times before, something about a perfume and whatever I said.. Well here it is. Analyze it – if you please..

The shoot took us about 3 hours and then I spent many hours in the editing box mixing the show together. Hope you like it. I believe it is one of the best promo shots I’ve ever shot, I’m really satisfied with the one above – and that sort of phenomena doesn’t occur that often.

Thank you Walkalone for doing this somewhat brave rock n’ roll shoot! And yo folks, visit their website yes..

( )

( Walkalone promo shoot – March 2010 )

And you know what, we ( Tage, Ramedus, Maplefield, Magnum ) are gonna make a music video for these boys about 2 months from now – really looking forward to it. Hope you enjoyed these shots, if you did, why not press my new heart? :)

Have a great evening folks!

// Tage – Heads to Suomen Turku in the morning!

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  1. Jasså du ha börja me sånthä :P

  2. :-) Hahaha!

  3. Tage the manographer :)

  4. The perfume bottle looks like the ones my grandpa has. They’re full of ‘rakija’ and vodka, but again – he likes vodka.

    And I like the shots very much! Jussi looks hottt. :P

  5. I like you grandpa! :)

    How nice that you like the shots, Jussi is a hot dude :)

  6. Perfect!

    Ur my man Tage! U make us look gooood..

    I’m already waiting for the music video sessions. It will be blast!

  7. Thank you for your kind words K.O.
    I bet the music video will be awesome! :)
    Have a good one mate!

  8. Nää on supermakeita !

  9. ..Näiksä tuo parfyymikuva?
    Jouduin hetkeksi poistamaan sitä, mut se tulee takaisin myöhemmin..

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