The video is done…

Friday, April 9th, 2010

…And naturally I’ll hit you with some shots from the editing sessions. The Coredust video premiers at Painobaari in about 42 hours. Everyone is welcome to join us and watch Coredust give the audience a live show!

These shots are collected during our days of editing the video during the past days.. And if you haven’t read anything that I’ve posted earlier, in short, I have done my forth music video in cooperation with Ramedus, Anders Lönnfeldt and Magnus W. The video will hit Youtube this Saturday sometime after midnight. Before that we have arranged a video premier together with the band in Helsinki at Painobaari starting at 8PM this Saturday – and you are very welcome…

( Color correcting the video at Ramedus )

( Mr. Maplefield – photo by Ramedus )

( Tage – Photo by Ramedus )

( Magnum – Photo by Ramedus )

( Ramedus has some coffee – photo by Niklas Laurin )

And those were the editing days folks.. Now, some hours of waiting, and the video will hit the tube. Until then, keep it real homies! And yes, before all of this is happening I have to go to The Suomen Turku for a rocking Friday night at the Live10 show.. Nice! I’ll post some videos and shots from that event as soon as possible!

// Tage – preparing himself for the Turku journey

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4 Responses to “The video is done…”

  1. I don’t know what else to say about the video, other than what I’ve told earlier. It’s gonna be great!
    And I love those random shots. Hell, I like random shots pretty much in general! Awesome entry.

  2. Nice! Random shots for the win..
    The release is getting closer, starting to get a little nervous.. :)

  3. Nice Tage! But I look pretty weird :P

  4. :-) haha! I don’t know what to say my good man..

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