Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Well, yes..? (See I gave you a different introduction) Cool? Maybe. Different? Definitely. Definitely cool? I think not.. Moving on shall we? Perhaps.

So tomorrow is a big day for the Tage Rönnqvist Media Corporation, it’s hopefully a hilarious day over at the Royal Comedy Club in Vaasa, Finland. I’m called in by FTW Productions (Stockholm, Sweden) to take some live shots of three different stand up comedians who are doing a small tour of Finland. The guys are Soran Ismail, Fredrik Andersson and Aron Flam. All of this is going down at the Royal Night Club in the city center of Vaasa at 8 pm. So if your in this town, come see the show if you please, I bet you’ll laugh your ass off..

The very next day, Friday that is, I’m gonna shoot some promo shots for Aron Flam. Hopefully all of these backstage-, live- and promo-shots will be grand.. Cause if I manage to pull this one off in a classy manner, I’ll possibly have more stand up shoots coming my way – and hopefully some abroad shoots, now that would be something for my little company!

Today I will give you no pics whatsoever, but tomorrow past midnight CET, when you tune in again, I will probably have some shots posted from the stand up shows, probably, if nothing spectacular occurs… So, wish me luck, and I’ll promise to bring back some awesome shots of some awesome Swedish punks.

// Tage – The laugh of tomorrow is the blog of today

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2 Responses to “THE TOMORROW COMEDY”

  1. Onnea ja hauskaa iltaa !

  2. kiitokset.. Pian vimppa koomikko astuu lavalle! Tää on aika hauska touhu..

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