The Thursday a-plenty..!

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Ok, so.. yes? It has been a while since I gave my blog a journal kinda of thing, a sort of a “what did you do today?”-thingy.. So here goes nada..

I got up quite early, I had lots of shooting to do this sunny funny Thursday in Wasa City.. So, at first I dragged my ass down to Media City to frame some media students.. I’m currently acting as one of the photographers for the only film magazine in Finland written in Swedish.. Filmjournalen.We are doin’ an article on the “finlandssvenska filmskolor”, so I’m travellin’ around in different schools taking all kinds of media school shots of hard working media students.. The one below is taken at Åbo Akademi Media City today..

( Media City – Mira Myllyniemi )

The clock strikes midday, and what happens.. Oh yes, forgot, more of those media school shots later on during next week when I’ll visit Jakobstad.. Are you perhaps attending  a media school in Finland? Why not give me a ring..? And I’ll come grab your face..

Anyway. The clock stroke midday? Can you say that..? The clock stroke? What ever.. You get the point right? The goddam clock turned it’s arms on midday. I felt a striking hunger in my belly and I didn’t wanna dine alone, so I called up the great Magnum Bayer, the former bassist of Gung-Ho!

T: “Hej, ja e hungri lite perkele”

M: “Vann jedu?”

T: “Stan, kom o ät”

M: “Haaaaj”

..And all of the sudden there was a great rocker in front of my face and lens, check him out people..!

( Magnum Bayer )

We went to grab a bite. And what kind of luxurious dinner was served to these gentlemen this fine afternoon, well, I guess you guessed it already.. Euron juusto. Oh you didn’t know.. Nice one!

And then, but actually before any of the happenings mentioned above occurred, I went by the camera store and bought myself some new gear. Yes, you read it right, some new gear! The item of choice is portrayed in the frame below..

( The Battery Grip )

Yes, I bought myself a battery grip, finally, I think this is my third one, cause any of the old ones won’t fit the new camera.. Ah, you know how it is, you can’t drive a BMW with wooden wheels.. And of course, I got myself another battery as well.. It’s all for the good! All of this will come in very handy in a couple of weeks when we are shooting the next music video for The Cajunga!

And yes, the rest of the day was quite routineish.. Food, a bunch of e-mails, an ash cloud over Europe and some lemonade. The basics. So hope you liked my journal, maybe I should do some more journals, it was quite pleasing. Have a great night now folks! Now for some Swenglish, no one will get it-humor..

// Tage – the one with a pocket knife in his stomach

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2 Responses to “The Thursday a-plenty..!”

  1. Is that really the square of Vaasa? (you people confuse me with it’s spelling. Is it Vaasa, Vasa, Waasa or Wasa? It says Vaasa on the map!). I’ve been there (and here comes the “O.O” look). No seriously, I recognize this memorial and the buildings around it from the Eurotrip I took with with my choir in 4-th grade. Weird.

    Congrats on the new gear! Both the camera and the battery ^^. And what the hell is “Euron juusto” supposed to mean?

  2. Ok, first off, you’ve been to Wasa? Haha! What? Nice!
    You can spell Waaaaasa however you want, whatever suits you, it just looks cooler with a “W”.. Try it.. Varna – - – Warna.. Way cooler!

    Euron Juusto.. It’s a cheeseburger bought at McDonald’s, it costs 1 euro! Hence the expression – Euron Juusto.. Cheese for a Euro.. Or something..

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