The suite session starring Alex Ivars!

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Yes. A few days ago me and Alex Ivars outta Sturm und Drang put our wise minds aside and went out to grab some nice guitar shots for a Gibson catalogue..

( Alex Ivars for the Luthman catalogue – shot at Radisson SAS in Wasa )

We didn’t really have any ideas for the shoot, we just knew that we needed some shots of his Valley Arts guitar, and that we needed them quickly. So, I suggested, “why not go to some fancy suite at some fancy hotel in Wasa”, great idea, he seemed to say.. Then I waltzed myself into the reception desk over at The Radisson SAS hotel in Wasa and kindly asked if I could borrow a suite for a few hours.. They responded nicely and said, “but of course my young man”. Nice!

Then we snapped a few shots and the one above was the best one. It was a splendid evening! We even took the time to grab some extra shots just for fun, here’s one for you!

( A posé.. )

And that was it! Hope you liked these.. More Sturm und Drang stuff on the way, stay tuned, stay informed!

// Tage – The Suite man

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