The second BUU day!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Yes, a hot day in Helsinki!

So, today we pulled off the second round of makin’ the BUU-klubben music video to their awesome song called BUU-klubbssången, sweet. We collected shots for about 12 hours straight today, at 7 different locations, nice.

And the weather baby, yes the weather was cookin’, I mean, it was hella hot. Can’t believe this shit, the first day of June and we had Ramedus’ iPhone showing 27 degrees celsius – unbelievable I tell you.

And here’s some collected memories for you guys – the summer is BUU.

( Tage, The BUU-man and Ramedus )

What I noticed today was that all of us should hang with one of these BUU-creatures every now and then, it’s a social disco, everyone completely loves him – loads of people, young and old, came up to the BUU-man goin’ “Can I please touch him, please?”.

Lovely ain’t it! Give it up for the BUU-dude.

( Ramedus, the BUU-hipster and Tage )

The BUU-klubbssången video should be out on the almight Youtube in a couple of weeks I guess, don’t have any exact dates yet, but if you’re staying tuned I’ll make sure that you’re staying well informed – gonna be an experience to edit this one, wish us luck folks.. And while you’re waiting, feel the BUU-man on the interweb!

—>>> BUU-klubben

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – BUU and out!

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