The Royal Preview!

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Yes, this night was awesome, exciting and stuffed with rock!

Tonight the Tage attended a spectacular show at the Royal Night Club in Wasa. This was one of many warm-up shows for the upcoming Rocklandia festival next summer. This particular night held artists such as De Van and CellOut, two fantastic acts from Stockholm I might add. Wanna see a quick snap from tonight, and perhaps a video blog from Mr. De Van himself? Yes you do! Here you go!

( A status report from Eric – De Van )

Before I add the quick preview snap I want to tell you guys that both De Van and CellOut pulled off some great rock shows tonight, believe you me! Next time they hit the Finnish stages, you should be there, I bet you’d love em’. To sum the night up in one word – awesome!

( De Van on stage – Eric )

So, the rest of the shots from these shows will be up on your favourite site in a not too distant future, so hold on and I’ll give you a blink into one hell of a night!

And while you’re waiting, you might as well run by their web sites..!

—>>> De Van

—>>> CellOut


// Tage – awesome!

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