The Rocklandia Warm up!

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Yes, the Rocklandia warm up!

Well, in a week or so I’m headed towards Waasa to shoot rock n’ roll once again. I’m talking about the Rocklandia Warm Up show at the Royal Night club on the 17th of December at 22.00. Now this is an evening you should join in on, this is some high-class shit you don’t wanna miss, it may sound somewhat cliché-y, but for real, I bet you’d like to see this one!

The performers this night are De Van (SWE) and CellOut (SWE), and this fine lineup leaves no one cold, I can tell you that!

I’ve worked with De Van earlier this year, so those guys I know for a fact possess a great live show. The other Stockholmian rockers, CellOut, is a band I haven’t seen live before, but at least they sound lovely on their awesome record “Superstar Prototype”. And hey, both of these headbangin’ collections of Swedish steel-eating dudes are found on Spotify, so, I suggest you start rocking, cause you have a show to attend!

Anywho, I bet this will be an awesome evening with loads of opportunities to grab some great rock shots. See you there? Yes way!

—>>> De Van

—>>> CellOut

—>>> Rocklandia

The Rocklandia Warm-up show! (3 out of 9)
Friday 17th of December at 10PM
Royal Night, Waasa, Finland

Cheers rockers – have a good one!

// Tage – The Warm Up Fella!

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2 Responses to “The Rocklandia Warm up!”

  1. Si till att du tar bra bilder, annars kommer jag att skämmas över min egen existens!

  2. Aj du börjar skämmas över “din existens”.. De e ganska epic. Jag måst nog sköta mig då!

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