The Ring

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Yes. The Ring yes. During the warm summer months of 2010 I was asked to shoot a wedding in Närpes, and not only the ceremony – but the whole shebang!

So, here you go, some selected frames from my 20-hour wedding shoot, from the morning make-up to the late night dancing games..

( One of many thank you cards )

( Getting the face )

( After years of planning )

( Love was in the air )

( And the little ones… )

( Another thank you card… )

Yes, hopefully you enjoyed this set of shots from a lovely ceremony I attended in July 2010 – a hot and lovely sunny day…

// Tage – Frodo

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4 Responses to “The Ring”

  1. Tack än en gång för härliga bilder! :)

  2. Vilken härlig bild från hamnen i Harrström.

  3. Tosi kauniita kuvia :) Varsinki toi eka ja viides kuva.

  4. Johanna: :) tack för inbjudan, de va skoj! o roligt att ni e nöjd!
    JW: kiitos kiitos!! :)

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