The Popkalaset preview!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

So, yes?

I thought I’d give you guys a small sneak peek from my Popkalaset in J-City journey. I grabbed around 2000 shots in the very heavy rain, haven’t had the time to browse through the pack, but in my rapid running around with the thumbnails I found a few previews I wanna share with you.. And a bunch of opinions and stories of course, tag along why don’t you…

( Daisy Jack – Krista Sigfrids )

Before we begin I’d like to mention that I’ll later on post all the goodies from my Popkalaset day. These are just quick snaps. Got that? Yes box.

So, I went to J-City to attend this rock/pop festival with my camera armed and ready, the weather was not looking that bad either, or so I thought. When I arrived in J-City the problems started coming together.

At first I couldn’t find the entire festival, now that’s cool. There wasn’t a single fucking sign in the whole fucking town where I was supposed to drive. That’s nice. A rock festival, but no one can find it, as long as you aren’t born in J-City.

So after some hours ( or so it seemed) of searching and calling I finally found a Popkalaset sign. Great! It was placed about 2 km’s from their parking spot. And it was as small as a rat’s ass. Great! Anyway, I got to the area and everything went accordingly. Except that I’d missed some shows..

( The Cajunga )

Let the rocking begin, I seemed to say. But then came the awful news from God, he started pissing all over the place, and it was not just regular rain, it was Christian Slater rain. It was hard rain! So much rain that I had to be on camera guard, can’t be too careful..

Yes, our God was pissing on J-City so heavily that I couldn’t really focus on the shooting, sad but true. Not even my improvised native American rain dance could get the water to stop pouring. I did my best and I rapidly fired away as many shots as I could before taking cover under some random umbrella.. Well, fuck the rain and the lame excuses, let me focus on the bands for a moment..

( Redrama )

Yes, the first band on stage was Daisy Jack. A very new band from Wasa with loads of talent on stage. Their first album is currently in the works, produced by Jimmy Westerlund. The lead singer is called Krista, and let me tell you, she completely owned the stage. A fantastic voice combined with  a fabulous stage presence! I predict a good future.

Then I checked out the small stage (the SÖU rock stage), and a band called Ankara. A trio consisted of boys in the age of about 13. Instrumental heavy metal. Now these boys were really good, I’d like to hear more of these heavy monsters but since there are like 2000 other bands, and about 5000 cities called Ankara, they are quite hard to find on Google. It even seems like these boys don’t have a website, nor a myspace. But take my word for it – they were very talented!

( Fredrik Furu )

Yes way, then it was time to check out Fredrik Furu. The man to which I’m currently finishing a music video to his next single “Det går över”. I knew he’d deliver on stage, and he did. A great show filled with some good tunes. Even the awesome Nina Lassander was with him on stage. But as promised, you’ll get the pics later on.. The important thing for now is that you now know that his show was really good!

The Cajunga entered the stage.. Another band I’ve directed music videos for. But this is a cool fact, I had never seen them perform on stage. And they totally rocked, ass kickin’ rocked. These guys really knew how to deliver, although the crowd was soaked, the festival felt some great heart beats..! They opened the set with the bombastic rock anthem called “Dancing with the Boys” (check out the video), and right then and there I knew that I was to witness something spectacular! Great job guys!

( Ankara )

Yes, the last artist I saw perform was the awesome rapper called Redrama. This is a guy who has released at least 4 albums, and I own them all. That pretty much sums it up. I’d never seen him on stage either. And let me tell you, he was great. I’ve seen a couple of 50 cent gigs, and this was as good as those..! If you don’t know him, check him out.

There were still a lot of artists yet to perform this day, but I had to leave the battlefield, the rain had reached my ass crack and the cold weather was starting to bug me like hell. I don’t think that the camera liked the fancy weather either. Let’s hope for better circumstances during the upcoming summer shows!

Thank you Popkalaset for some fine tunes!

// Tage – Rain Man

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12 Responses to “The Popkalaset preview!”

  1. Tack, men nej.

    ..hede ha ja nog kollat upp ages ago. Och he e int samma band, ja sa ju att he fanns 2000 olika som heter samma, o hede e nå Hyvinkää pojkar.. Så he e fel!

    Men jag uppskattar högt att du tog dig tid att kolla upp dessa herrar. Tack Tack!

  2. Hi there Tage!
    You sure know how to shoot live-shows, brilliant pics yet again!

  3. Lisää Redramaa! 8)

  4. Tuomas —>>> Thanks! More of these shots are on the way!

    JW —>>> Tulee tulee.. Pitää vaan saada mun oma kone Vaasaan. :)

  5. Stark preview, när kommer resten?

    Ang. Ankara, det ser ut att vara Arne Braun på bilden?

  6. Tack!
    Var inne och kollade din sida nu oxo, du har en hel del bra duun där. Bra! :)
    Resten av Popkalas-shotsen kommer så fort jag får dem genomkollade och fixade, borde redan nästa vecka få uppkastat något iaf, har haft lite data-strul så de dröjer…

    Ankara jo, det är Arne Braun på bilden, fan va dom va coola. Men ede faktiskt allt som finns på webben, han YT-kanal..? :) Ja sku som vila lyssna på nåt inbandat av killarna.. I sinom tid.

  7. Jag tror inte det finns nåt annat med Ankara på nätet, jag såg Arne spela på Mikael Svarvars konsert i våras och sökte som en tok efteråt. Hoppas det börjar komma nåt snart.

  8. De e säkert som med allt annat, “de e på gång”.. :)

  9. det finns något material om ANKARA från Nykarleby om du kollar följande. ljudmässigt inte det bästa men:

    Freefall Jakobstad 2010:
    Rytmikorjaamo Seinäjoki 2010:
    Arne / Mikael Svarvar Jubileumskonsert på Ritz 2010:

    hörs, ab

  10. Nice, tack! Ska kolla in klippen!

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