The Popkalaset preview!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011


…Just got home from this year’s edition of Popkalaset. It was a splendid evening alright, and here you go, a few quick snaps from today.. I’ll be back later with loads of shots from this event.

( September )

( Von Benzo feat. Jay Smith )

( Petter )

( Naked )

( Paradise Oskar & Fredrik Furu )

Hope you enjoyed some quick previews. Here’s a few links for ya!

—>>> Popkalaset

—>>> September

—>>> Von Benzo

—>>> Petter

—>>> Naked

Have a good one champs!

// Tage – …be back soon with more from the Pop Party!

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5 Responses to “The Popkalaset preview!”

  1. The first and last shots are…OHMYGOD. <3333333 (not that the rest aren't cool, as well ;D )

  2. :) Hey, Stiiphou, long time no write. Thanks alot for your kind words!

  3. Just cause I don’t write, doesn’t meen that I’m not staying tuned and informed!


  4. Shit, I forgot to change the name.
    That’s better.

  5. Tuned and informed girl! That’s the spirit! :)

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