The Nightmare Lottery!

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Yes, time for another lottery!

( Nightmare Enemy – Renata EP )

I’m giving away one copy of the new Nightmare Enemy – Renata EP, and hey, it’s signed by the nightmare metal monsters. And not only is this thing signed, it’s also a very awesome 5-track EP with tunes that you’ll love! All you have to do to win this fantastic prize is to answer the following question:

What was the first Nightmare Enemy demo called?

A: Smell the Glove
B: The Destroyer
C: Use your Illusion II
D: Master of Puppets

E: Dancing with the Boys

So, comment this post with the right answer and this monster prize can be yours. Use an email address that works, so that I can contact you if you win it! The winner will be chosen on the 17th of November at 6 PM. Good luck!

// Tage – The Nightmare Man

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22 Responses to “The Nightmare Lottery!”

  1. I want this! The destroyer!

  2. You are most welcome, best of luck to ya!

  3. Dancing with the Boys :D

  4. Nice! Du e nu (kanske) med i dragningen! :)


  6. var det månne “Barnatro” ?

  7. Simon—>>> Njaa, int säker.. Men jag lovar att he e en av dide som finns som alternativ! :)

    Chef Ph —>>> ÅÅÅJA ÅÅÅJA. Välkommen med! :)

  8. åååh. vill ha! Det är The Destroyer! :D *duktigt fan*

  9. Ett mycket duktigt fan! välkommen med i lotteriet Emma! :)

  10. I want it too, we sold out every other copy so that’s the only one left to get!

    I say Smell The glove (originally with a different cover)!

  11. Jag säger B:The Destroyer

  12. Svar : B The Destroyer

  13. Joe North —>>> :) Haha!

    Marcus —>>> Välkommen med i lotteriet, på onsdag smäller jag fram vinnaren!

    Christoffer —>>> Välkommen med :) !

  14. NU skall jag vinn!!!
    jag kan ju muta dig ;)

  15. :)

  16. Gief! xD

    B: The Destroyer

  17. Welcome! :)

  18. The Destroyer all the way!!
    Fucking metal!! Yeaaaah!

    //Chet MT

  19. Fucking Metal! :) Välkommen med i dragningen!

  20. The Destroyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Welcome!

  22. Winner announced!

    CHRISTOFFER ÅBACKA! Congratulations!

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