The next video – Bob Malmström

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Well yes!

During the upcoming week we’ll shoot our next music video. This time we will be working with a hardcore group called Bob Malmström (Spinefarm Records). The video will be shot to their first single “Eliten” taken from their debut album “Tala svenska eller dö!” found in stores everywhere already.

This is not all my friends, we have a guest star in this thing – Mathias Lillmåns from Finntroll will be backing us up with his powerful voice of danger.

( Location scouting in Borgå – Shot by Rasmus Tåg )

A few days ago we checked out the video location in Borgå, the lovely Kiala gård. I bet we’ll get all the shots we need at this 18th century mansion – it’s huge (pic above). The song is entirely in swedish with some very harsh and hefty messages. Punk above all!

Do listen to the song alright – you’ll love it!

( Bob Malmström – Eliten )

The video will be directed by Tage, shot by Anders Lönnfeldt on RED, assisted by Niklas Laurin and Matias Nystedt. The story has been developed by the Eva Lingon boys Tage and Rasmus Tåg. Unfortunately Rasmus can’t take part in the shooting of this video – the man will join us in the editing of the thing instead.

And what else? Some links for ya’ll.

—>>> Bob Malmström

—>>> Finntroll

—>>> Eva Lingon

And yes, this is what the boys look like!

( Bob Malmström by Terhi Ylimäinen )

Wish us luck folks – this will be a grand project!

// Tage – Fyrk finns!

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