The Musik & Talang night!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012


So, here you go. Last Friday me and Anders Lönnfeldt shot a small video at the Musik & Talang 2012 pre-event in Borgeaux.

Check out the finished video and a few shots from the evening – and be sure to check out the next pre-event this upcoming Friday in Ekenäs – do pay em’ a visit!

( Musik & Talang in Borgå – video by Tage & Anders )

And some shots for ya.

( Redrama at Musik & Talang Borgå edition )

( More from the Red show )

( The Onetimer – Rolf )

( Redrama took part in one of the debates/discussions )

And yes, there is more shots for those of you who wants to see the whole night in pictures.

—>>> All my shots from the Musik & Talang pre-event in Borgå

And while we’re at it, more links!

—>>> Redrama

—>>> The Onetimer

—>>> Puuttuvat

—>>> Musik & Talang

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

Have a swell day folks!

// Tage – Musik & Tage

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