The Moby challenge – PREMIERE!

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Welcome, a sudden video premiere!

( Moby – Be the One – Directed by Matias Nystedt )

Yes, a few weeks ago we got the news that Moby and Saatchi&Saatchi is arranging a music video competition on Vimeo, and anyone can enter – the prize, well the prize is that Mr.Moby will use the video as his official video when his new single is released, and the winner will also get some cool mentioning at this years Cannes filmfestival.

So, the director Matias Nystedt called me up and asked if I wanted to brainstorm and produce a video for this particular Moby challenge, why not, I seemed to say. Only a few days ago we shot the video and now it’s ready and part of the competition, hey for the “one-take-videos”!

Check out our piece! The thing is directed by Matias Nystedt, produced by Tage Rönnqvist and shot by Rasmus Tåg!

The deadline for the competition is tomorrow and about 100 videos has been sent to the competition so far – wish us all the best! Hope that Moby likes our work..

What else, well, the video was shot in the woods of Sibbo – a warm thank you goes out to everyone involved, especially Robin DeWan and Anders Lönnfeldt for their awesome input!

—>>> Some shots from the shoot!

—>>> Moby

—>>> A bunch of other entries

—>>> Saatchi & Saatchi

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Moby

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  1. Big thanks to the entire cast and crew from me also. Great work guys!

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