The missing frames?

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Yo mama baby.

Alright, a fine Sunday has passed us. And even this day, stuff occurred. Now, together with Ramedus and Fredrik Furu we have come to the conclusion to shoot some more frames for the upcoming Furu video. It’s all going down tomorrow..

( The summer berries )

Yes, I’m here to talk about today, not tomorrow. We are not gonna shoot strawberries for the Furu video, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Well, today I met with Ramedus and Furu to gather some ideas for tomorrow, and during these hours I had some berries for my belly. Who writes about strawberries?

( Fredrik Furu at Strampen in Wasa )

After the strawberry bash we finished up at Strampen with some nice Battery in the sun. What else? Nothing else? Nothing else matters. Ah, you saw that one coming right? Not a great Metallica fan are you? What? I’m all out on stuff to report on..

( The Ramedus )

I tried finding the Hitchcock in Ramedus as he was writing down important stuff on his MacBook, or perhaps he was downloading some pics of old chairs. What? Haven’t you ever tried finding the Hitchcock in someone..? Anyway, I’m “taggad till 1000” over tomorrow’s Furu shoot, we are gonna nail some pretty awesome dolly-shots, I hope..

( Suddenly, I got all arty farty on the boys )

And yes. This was it for today! New week starting tomorrow. A new week, with exactly the same opportunities. Have a great night folky folks!

// Tage – the video shooter

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4 Responses to “The missing frames?”

  1. I love the strawberries shot. I really do. It’s awesome and…awesome!

    And Hitchcock? Next time search for Waldo. Haha.

  2. Well thank you! The strawberries were awesome!
    Waldo, which Waldo do you mean? :)

  3. :) haha!

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