The making of the new Cajunga video – Carl Bajs

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Ok, so, right?

This upcoming Sunday we are finally shooting the next Cajunga music video to their forthcoming single called “You’re alright”. We accidentally hit some bumps on the road a few weeks back with this project, having to postpone the shoot and so forth, but now we are all set again – time to shoot the thing 2.0!

( Flowers & Filters )

And yes, today we made at least 5 different stops around Helsinki to pick up all sorts of stuff we need for our shoot in Turku on Sunday. As you can see, the pic above speaks for itself right?

The really hefty thing about this afternoon is that we bought ourselves a roll of Q-Max 201 F/M Full CT Blue filters from the lovely Valofirma – awesome, I bet you already got several of those at home so we’re not that fancy, but still…

Not gonna tell you guys what the video/story is about just yet, but I can assure you that it’s gonna be a rather genuine piece of work, well, not quite what you’re gonna expect – very The Cajunga alright. Gonna be lol. Gonna be awesome!

( Tage at Mutanen – shot with a Carl Zeiss CP.2 50mm 2.1 )

And yes, this is interesting, we stopped by P.Mutasen Elokuvakonepaja this afternoon to rent some brand new lenses, we are gonna shoot this video with the Carl Zeiss CP.2 50mm and 21mm lenses. We tried them out today and the results were really good (see pic above) – great lenses. Gonna be swell to see what they can do on the Sunday set, magic I bet, hope for the best!

—>>> The Cajunga

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

—>>> Ramedus

—>>> Mutanen

—>>> Valofirma

—>>> Q-Max

So, stay tuned for updates on the new Cajunga video “You’re alright” – pics and stories coming up!

// Tage – You’re alright

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