The making of Succémorgon!

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Yes, shooting day, lovely day!

Well, today we have canned the Succémorgon short commercial TV-spot. We shot the thing at one of many YLE studios in Pasila, Helsinki. And here you go, a few snaps from our day with the Succé-crew!

( Ronja )

First things first, we had a really nice script to work with this afternoon, written by the genious minds of the Succémorgon team. A few kinda difficult things to deal with, ofcourse,  but I really believe that we nailed it – even the dog shots.

I bet you’ll find the finalized piece awesome as soon as we’ll get it up n’ running on the mighty web.

( The crew )

And for those of you who don’t know what Succémorgon is, well, it’s a radio show that airs every morning at Radio X3M hosted by the fantabulous Janne Grönroos, the infamous Isa Mårtenson as well as the awesome Ted “fucking” Forsström.

Together with Ramedus, Anders Lönnfeldt, Niklas Laurin, Sara Dahlback and a bunch of other hipsters we have now put together a short commercial spot for the show, so, now you know!

I believe this thing will be available to your lovely eyes in a few days/weeks, don’t have the exact release date just yet.. I’ll be sure notify you when it’s on YouTube.

( El Tage on the set )

So, start waiting for a quick n’ fun commercial spot, and do listen to Succémorgon – every single day! Some links?

—>>> Succémorgon

—>>> Anders Lönnfeldt

—>>> Ramedus

And some specs?

The thing was produced by Johan Aaltonen, written by the Succémorgon team, directed by Tage, shot by Rasmus Tåg, nicely gaffered by Anders Lönnfeldt, faced by Sara Dahlback, sound-taken-care’d by Niklas Laurin and finally Tage & Rasmus Tåg will edit the thing.. Awesome.

Cheers folks!

// Tage – Shooting for the Radio stars!

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