The Laura Närhi video!

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Well, yes!

A while back I worked as one outta five camera operators on a show called The Mill Sessions, yes, this was all shot in Waasa at Media City with artists such as Laura Närhi and Jennie Storbacka.

And now a great, awesome and cool piece of information has finally reached me, and this I need to share with you guys. One of the songs Laura Närhi performed in the studio looked so darn cool so it apparently became her brand new official music video. I’m honored to be a part of it – check it out folks!

( Laura Närhi – Mä annan sut pois – camera operator Tage Rönnqvist )

Hope you found it amusing. Thanks to all you guys at the The Mill Sessions crew, great work in the post production!

—>>> Laura Närhi

—>>> The Mill Sessions

—>>> Media City

// Tage – The Camera Operator

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7 Responses to “The Laura Närhi video!”

  1. The song sounds really, really good! I’ve been replaying it for a while now…
    What is it about? It gives me a melancholic vibe…

  2. Right on the money dude! Everything in the Finnish music industry is about someone who dies, has cancer, loses a friend, drugs, hard times, black death, rabies or hell.. It’s all bad.

    This particular song is about a girl or a guy who gives his/her soul mate away to the next life, kinda, at least that’s the way I interpreted it.. “Mä annan sut pois” is in Finnish and roughly translated it means “I give you away”..

    Great vocalist though, love her voice!

  3. Yes, her voice is really feminine and right for the song!
    You finns are one sad nation :(
    Everything in the Bulgarian music industry is mostly women singing about love mixed with crazy teenage hormones making them wanting to fuck everything that stands in their way in the most rough ways of all. Combine that with folk rythms, alcohol and a porn movie, instead of a music video, and you have the next hit.

    Oh, well…*hits “Spela igen” and continues admiring the song*

  4. Sad nation? I just can’t believe, e.g. if I hear the Finnish anthem. If you hear our anthem (Hun.) you want to commit suicide. The Finnish one is much more positive, so I hope you’re not that sad at all! :)

    And congrats Tage! :)

  5. Stefani —>> “You Finns are one sad nation”, haha, well put! You description of the Bulgarian music industry is lovely, hook us up with some Bulgarian bands and we’ll get to work, I’d very much like to mix teenage hormones, folk rhythms and porn into a lovely music video – that’d be one for the books!

    Tünde —>> Haha, I listened to the Hungarian anthem, it’s lovely and very melancholic, and I don’t wan’t to commit suicide.. :) And about the Finnish music climate, well, maybe I exaggerate things, we do have some positive songs also, check out this one, the 2008 summer smash hit – feel it! :)

  6. The music is beautiful, the difference is between the lyrics. And I feel 2008′s summer in soul! :)

  7. :) 2008 in tha soul!

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