The Jarl cover!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Yes, swell news folks, it’s finally out, the latest issue of Filmjournalen, check out the cover – shot by yours truly!

( Filmjournalen issue 01/2011 – cover shot by Tage )

A couple of weeks ago I had the liberty to “create a face” for the latest issue of Filmjournalen with the awesome documentary dude Stefan Jarl in front of the lens, analyze the result folks.

And what really makes me happy is that this is my second cover shoot for this mag, hopefully they’ll want me for the next one as well, one can always hope – cover shooting is swell I tell.

The shots from inside the magazine will be up later, and I’ll make sure to publish those you don’t get in the mag as well. Meanwhile, go get yourself a Filmjournalen subscription, it’s probably the greatest film mag around, if you don’t get the language, look at the pics, their awesome.

—>>> Get yourself a subscription!

// Tage – The Cover Shooter

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  1. Bra Teidjii!

  2. Tack Flanders!

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