Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

..And suddenly something spectacular occurs. Right in front of your ever so excited retina. The Tage has done it, he has created his very first V-log (Video blogging), although this insert will contain lots of shots from today, it will still be part V-log and part B-log.. The Rhymer is back.. And although it isn’t me in front of the lens, it still is a Vlog. Enjoy the latest shots of Alex Ivars from Sturm und Drang – taken today – for your entertainment! (Thanks Lambert)

( Alex Ivars of Sturm und Drang )

..So where should one begin? I got lots of words to spread out to your eager minds. Yesterday after I posted the André Linman shots I immediately got a call from Alex Ivars. (När ska vi fan ta bilder på mig va?).. English translation (Cindy says that the bus is leaving early). I told the dude that I was up for the job anytime, and we decided to take some shots today, which right about now has turned yesterday. So technically André’s shots were taken the same day..? Oh my God I’ve gone crossed eyed.

Anyway. I had to come up with something new for the Alex shoot, and the answer to my question was Vlogging. I asked Alex if he could say something in moving pictures about today’s shoot. Although the man wasn’t feeling that marvelous, since the André 18 party was yesterday, he managed to give me a small performance. So here ya go, the first Vlog ever by Tage.. Enjoy.

( The Alex Ivars Vlog from our shoot )

..Yes, you liked it. Waasa’s own Andy McCoy!

Furthermore.. The entire shoot took place at the City Hall of Waasa. And how did we manage to end up over there, or should I say over here, since I’m writing in past time.. Let me tell you after the next shot has been glanced through…

( The laid back posé )

..Yes, the story on how we got to take the shots at the City Hall.. (Stasshuuse) The orignal idea was to take the shots in the Church spotted behind Alex in the shot above. The Trefaldighetskyrkan of Waasa. It is a very aesthetic church, so I called up the dude who handles all the stuff about the J-man. After a call that lasted about 20 minutes he eventually said NO. The church didn’t allow us any metal shots. I wonder why? The dude who handles the church said that his children often listens to Sturm und Drang, but he would still not approve of any Alex shots.. Follow me to the next shot..

( Don Alex )

..It was eventually the church dude who gave me the tip to call the city hall.. When I called the dude over at the City Hall with my mysterious questions about shooting some blog-shots of a rocker he responded with a simple “Kyllähän se käy”.. English translation (Tom told Lisa to shut her face – Carrots!).

I had never been in the building before, and let me tell you. I will for sure use the building again some time, for something media related. And all the time I hear you asking why I took these shots today.. Well, no reason I guess. I’m just a man. If you want your own “no reason pics”, just give me a call..

( The guitar sitter )

I think I’m all out of stories now, and I still have shots to post.. U-hum. Let me think. Church, City Hall, Hung over, Carrots.. No nothing comes to mind.

Well.. I really liked the Vlogging bit, so you’ll definitely see more of that shit in the future, as long as you are staying tuned and informed that is.. Since I’m in Waasa for the moment I don’t possess no video editing program.. So that’s why the video clip is unedited shot to Youtube straight from the camera, but hey, I saved a lot of energy and time.. More shots? Yes please..

( On the stairway to heaven )

And finally I’ll post 2 shots from today that are turned vertically.. And since I’m always having trouble posting vertical shots, it’s a layout issue, I’m trying another way to insert them this time.. Tell me if you think it’s convenient for the eyes, or is it a mess.. I’m trying my best, doing what WordPress allows me to do.. The final shots people!

( A massive shot part 1)

( A massive shot part 2 )

And that was it for today people. Hope you liked the very first Vlogging by Tage.. Although it wasn’t me Vlogging anything – it was all Alex’s fault.. :)

Have a spectacular day now you hear! Peace out, and remember, stay tuned – stay informed.. ( I tried making Alex say those words, but he was too tired and he somewhat messed them up )…

//Tage – The Vlogger

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14 Responses to “THE IVARS”

  1. Ha ha! Nice with some V-loging! Really cool shots of Alex also, especially the “Don Alex” and “A massive shot part 1″, love the lighting!

  2. Well thank you my good man!
    I’ll be sure to post some more v-logging! :)

  3. That’s quite the b(v)log post, I should say! A lot of awesomeness in it…
    First, the pics. I can’t pick a favorite between “Don Alex” and “A massive shot part 2″, they are really cool. And the first one is also kinda epic, I like it!
    And the vlog…pretty nice idea! Alex sure looks a bit tired, I wonder how wild it was the night before. :D I’ve been meaning to also do a vlog for a long time, but I’m still wondering xD
    And you listen to Adam Lambert? The greatest gay dude of all times? Well, hold on until it’s over! ^^

  4. I’m glad you liked the Vlogging and the shots.. Well yes, Alex was not feeling that well and I guess the party velocity was way over the speed limit the night before.. Haha.

    You should definitely try out the vlog, it gives you kicks :) , and adam lambert yes, I don’t really listen to the guy, I’ve gone through his CD twice but it wasn’t all that I’d hoped for.. Quite allright but not really good.. If ya know what I mean..

  5. I haven’t listened to his CD…not every song that is. But I really liked him in American Idol 8. Him and Allison Iraheta. xD

  6. Ah, ok, I did not see him at all in American Idol.. I read about him in Rolling Stone and tried out his music.. Haven’t listened at all to Iraheta.. Is she any good?

  7. weeeell, she’s not bad. I don’t know about her new album, it isn’t out yet, but she has some awesome performances from AI. She’s also pretty young…1992 xD that’s pretty much her ^^

  8. Nice.. I can inform you that her album has been out for months already.. At least in the states.. :)

  9. Vloggar gillar vi :D

  10. De gör vi! Mera!

  11. Siisti idea, lisää vloggausta 8) Komppaan muita sanomalla että taas cooleja kuvia!

  12. Kiitokset!
    Laitan ehdottomasti enemmän vloggeja tulemaan.. pitää vaan keksiä jotain cooleja ideoita :)

  13. JESSSS :)

  14. Mahtavaa!

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