The De Van Show!

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Yes – pic time!

A couple of weeks ago I shot the De Van show at Royal Night in Wasa. This was one of many Rocklandia Warm Up shows, and this very night I saw the magical performances of CellOut and De Van. And here you go, the De Van show in pictures. Be sure to enjoy!

( De Van at Royal Night, Wasa – all shots by Tage )

I put up the CellOut shots earlier, so if you missed them you’ll find em’ over here.

Some words on the show then, De Van, yes, if you get the chance to see these boys – grab it! And they will return to Wasa later during 2011, and then, yes then you should be there to witness these rockers. And you should ofcourse come see them at the Rocklandia Festival in Wasa next summer – I bet it’ll be, that’s right, awesome!

Hit some links!

—>>> De Van

—>>> Rocklandia

So, hope you had a great time checking out some rock shots, stay tuned for more rock guys!

// Tage – De Shooter

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