Friday, March 19th, 2010

And yes folks..

More from the video preparations then, as promised – today, very very early this morning we went to the P.Mutasen Elokuvakonepaja to learn how to build and un-build the camera crane of our choice. As I’ve already said, we have not earlier used a crane in our team, so this should be very interesting..

But after this morning’s training session at least I feel much more secure with using a crane, the guys at the rental firm were really helpful and we quickly learned how the crane works.. So it shouldn’t be a very large problem.. And we are not using the crane for too many shots in the video – so that’s comforting.. Comforting? Well, I’m outta words..

( Ramedus with the crane )

And yes, the crane was hella long – haha.. Like 15 meters or something, but still, it took us only about 30 minutes to put it together.. And we even tried shooting some material at the rental station, it looked very cool – but let’s see how it goes.. I’m not promising anything. The thing is, if we like the shots we get with this thing, well then we can never again make a video without the crane.. So is that a good thing – yes way!

( Ramedus & Tage )

I know I promised smiley (Cyrus) shots from the boys, but no can do, the Ramedus just never smiles when a lens is present. Maybe he is afraid of something – probably. The shot is taken with Ramedus’ new lens by Magnum W at the bus stop on our way home.. And the clock, yes the clock.. It was way too early for a morning dude like myself..

And what more, well yes, I have some really alarming news.. The singer of Coredust, the guys for whom we are making the video, has caught the fucking Noro-virus today.. This is really bad news, but hopefully he’ll get better during the 2 remaining days! One can only hope, cause without him, there can’t be no video, it will have to be postponed – now that would be sad! But let’s hope the man gets better!

// Tage – the “crane’ist”

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  1. Is this crane actually hard to manage? I mean, can you make it useful, without taking a tutoring lesson? Yes, you can always hang your jacket on it, but you know what I mean… ;D

    And the smiles…it’s cool, I’m sure you’re full of orange flowers, pink hearts and green polka dots on the inside, haha! Actually most people like themselves better when they’re smiling on pictures. I personally don’t think I have any “serious” photos, because it makes me look like a nerd and I already have some geeky face curves. But I really can’t imagine Rasmus smiling, maybe that’s his special thing?! You, on the other hand, have a good smile :P

  2. En ilmeisesti oo ainoo sairas tällä hetkellä. Mut toivottavasti paranee et saatte videon kuvattua :)

  3. Stefani –>> The crane itself is not that hard to manage, but to get the pictures working that you get with a little help from the crane is quite hard to get smooth, with a good composition and good with editing capabilities.. You basically need to plan every picture to be taken if you are using a crane.. It’s not that easy to just shoot anything with a 15 meter long arm.. Well, you could, but it’s much easier without a crane or tripod..

    Thank you for saying that I have a good smile :) .. And yes, I have a hard time imagining Ramedus on a smiley picture also! :) But when the camera is away – he always smiles.. :) Maybe it’s an image thing..

    JW –>> Et ookkaan, ja toivon niin kovasti että Salmisen Esa on kunnossa sunnuntaina, muuten.. Jaa, muuten, en tiiä mitä sitten.. Joudutaan varmaan siirtää koko homman monta viikkoa eteenpäin, ja se olis aikamoista vittuilua kun kaikki hommat ovat nyt buukattu ja niin poispäin.. Toivotaan parasta!

  4. The new “Like” function is really cool! I have to get that to my blog :) I’m so looking forward towards the crane shots! I imagine that they’ll be awesome :) Let’s just hope that our singer will manage to be on set on sunday!

    And Stif, I’m actually a pretty happy person in real life :)

  5. Ohh, don’t get me wrong, Ramedus (sounds cool), I didn’t say you’re not. I’m not going to say that I KNOW, but I’m really really somehow convinced that you’re one happy dude!

    And yeah, the heart thingy is really awesome, I forgot to mention that. ^^

  6. Haha! :) Ramedus is a happy man!

    And the heart thingy is just priceless! Every one should own a heart button!

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