Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Oh yes! Hell yes! Magnificent! Spectacular! Marvelous! Awesome!

( The Cover of OtaOma, pic by Tage )

I had difficulties believing the fact that the magazine OTAOMA called me up a few weeks ago asking me if I could send them my picture of Lari Halme, it’s gonna be on the cover of our magazine! What? And it was all true.. And this is what the magazine looks like..!

The mag is a “free magazine” avaliable in a couple of cities in Finland, the one with my cover shot is located in Tampere and Lahti and will be avaliable for your taking from sometime in the middle of next week. So be sure to grab a hold of it if you see it at some train station or at the shopping mall.. Don’t really know where it’s being distributed in the cities, but I bet it’s found at a lot of places around the city…

I’ve checked out their earlier magazines, and they looked great, around 70 pages of “worth looking into” stuff.. This was all really good news to me, maybe I should take the train to Lahti next week to go see this with my own eyes. The picture of Lari Halme, I took it in October 2009 in Helsinki if I remember things right.. He was a really cool dude, he is an entertainer, actor, host and a lot of other things.. One of the most famous faces in Finland at the moment..!

Hopefully I’ll get more assignments for OTAOMA from this moment on, the establishers of the magazine seem like some really good people.. Please visit their website at ( ).

And for all you English speaking readers, the title of the magazine means something like “Grab it”, “Get a hold of this one”, “Hey, take it”" or “Take a copy for yourself”.. And for my Swedish speaking readers Ota Oma means something like “Taa’ nu”!

Have a great night folks! And remember, stay tuned – stay informed!

//Tage – The Cover Shooter

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  1. Congrats hun!! :)

  2. Thanks hun!! :)

  3. Cool, onnea :)

  4. Yes! Kiitos! Mahtavaa!

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