The commercial shoot (part 2)

Friday, February 25th, 2011

So, yes? D-Day.

Well, today it all went down at MediaCity in Wasa, today we finally got the Åbo Akademi University commercial films in the can. The story, the plot, the point, the message as well as the concept had all been thought out by a fine group of students at the university and my deal was to direct both of the films. So, here you go, a bunch of shots from the shoot today!

( Starring Riikka Suorsa )

( Part of the crew )

It’s a shame that we didn’t get everyone in the “commercial”-group in front of my lens at the end of the day, woulda been one for the books, sadly most of the group had to catch some trains, flights, bicykles and spaceships about an hour before we finally had the chance to snap the desired team shot.. Maybe next time, as always.

( I )

( Adelias and Ramedus )

( Ramedus & Flanders )

Some final words of the entire project then? An interview with myself?

Well, we had loads of fun working with the students at the university and in a few weeks time the spots should be up and running on the mighty interweb, so I’ll keep you posted! And yes, do expect blog inserts from the editing dorms at the Ramedus office, cause the shots we grabbed today – well someone has to put them in the right order as well.

// Tage – el commercial director

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4 Responses to “The commercial shoot (part 2)”

  1. What a great team you are. It was wonderful to see how well things proceeded! Can’t wait to see the result and look forward to doing some more stuff in the near future with you guys!

  2. Thanks Jessy. Would be awesome to work with you guys again!

  3. Gruppbilden med grafitti e liksom AWSOME! Om Astorbilden var en promo för Sopranos så är gruppbilden med grafitti en promo för Entourage!

  4. :) haha, faktiskt lite vinny chase där på adelias!

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