The commercial shoot (part 1)

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

That’s absolutely right, the time has come!

Together with Ramedus, Adelias and Andy Maplefield we have arrived in Wasa a few hours ago to shoot two commercial spots for the Åbo Akademi University tomorrow morning.

The commercial spots have been well planned and organized by a group of eager individuals at the University – now, since it’s time for the thing to go into production we (Tage, Ramedus, Adelias and Andy Maplefield) have been called in to put it in the can! Very much like when NASA called in Harry Stamper to drill a hole into the Texas-sized-asteroid thingy in Armageddon.

( Tomi Järvinen, Ramedus, Adelias, Joe North and Joel Isaksson )

The shot above is from our very last production meeting at the Astor Hotel in Wasa, half of the crew had already gone to sleep, and I might also point out the fact the Andy Maplefield left the building only minutes before the shot was foreverized – such a lovely word I just invented, feel it, foreverized. Andy, you mad?

This commercial project has been going on for several weeks already and I’m very pleased with the concept that the dudes and dudettes at the University came up with. We are finally firing away the deal at MediaCity tomorrow with a 12-man strong crew, gonna be quite the thrill to set things straight after such a long period of pondering, planning and figuring stuff out.

I bet the final result will be quite awesome, two short spots for the web to attract you to Åbo Akademi University, that’s right – you, to attract you!

Making-of-pics, thoughts and general feelings from the showdown in the next insert tomorrow, so, stay tuned and stay well informed. Wish us luck!

// Tage – el director

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