The Campaign Shoot (part 2/2)

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Yes, the second part has arrived!

Last week we were shooting commercial campaign spots for Arcada Polytechnic for a whole week. A few days ago I posted a heap of shots from our first days of shooting, and you know what, here follows the second batch of shots from the rest of our shooting days. And this time, all the shots are taken by Niklas Laurin, with his monster machine Nikon DNikki, with a small edit touch from Tage.

Have a go at the shots would you now..

( All shots by Niklas Laurin )

All of the 14 short spots we made are produced by Adelias Productions and they should be up n’ running on the Arcada website in a few weeks from now, currently the Adelias is high on editing the spots!

—>>> Arcada

Friday folks.

// Tage – el director

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