The Campaign Shoot (part 1/2)

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Well, yes!

Together with the Adelias Productions CEO Magnum W we have been shooting campaign spots at Arcada Polytechnic for three days straight now. Myself, Ramedus, Nikki Laurie and Magnum W is/are spending the whole week at the Arcada facilities making short videos, all in all we are producing 14 short commercial spots for the Arcada website in 5 days – and it’s all for a good cause! The basic idea is to make short spots that attracts new students to Arcada.

The first three days have all been great, and this insert is here to let you in on some pictures from the production days so far, hopefully you can spare a few seconds to browse them through all right..? Have a go at the gallery and you’ll get the idea!

( Shooting short spots for Arcada with Adelias Productions )

Yes, hope you got the general idea of what we have been doing during the last three days. Await more production shots in a future not too distant in part 2 of shooting the campaign shorts with Adelias Productions!

Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Campaign director

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3 Responses to “The Campaign Shoot (part 1/2)”

  1. I love the shots! Maybe even a little too much! The “what” face…I caught myself trying to say “what”, while looking at it. :D Also, Rasmus as a mad scientist? He looks incredibly cool and into it. xD And hey, you have a bit of yellow in your eyes! ^^ Your hair seems to be getting longer! Wow, it seems really fast! :D

    And the haircut of the guy in the 3-rd picture?!?! Ajsghdjsejhg, so awesome!!!

  2. Riktigt fint! Du borde föreläsa på “killar kan” seminariet!

    “Ja älskar henne..”

  3. Stef — Hahah! For real, you were tryin’ to say “whaaat” together with Nikki Laurie!? That’s just awesome, I bet he’ll love you for that! Whaaat! :) and yes, I have 2 suns in my eyes, it’s because I’m special! :) … And Adelias hair yes, it’s very punk n roll!

    Herr Banan — vi sku faktiskt borda ordna ett “killar kan” seminarie, så kan jag använda stagenamnet “luther” och Ramedus kan vara “mastodontfilms-mats”.. :)

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