Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Tonight is a very cool night people! I have 2 errands of high importance that I wish to share with you..

1. I’m heading to Tavastia tonight to shoot two gigs, those are the ones of CATS ON FIRE and ASTRID SWAN. I very much appreciate these artists and their music is great. If you haven’t heard of these guys, check out their myspace’s…

CATS ON FIRE ———————>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.myspace.com/catsonfiremusic

ASTRID SWAN ———————>>>>>>>>>> http://www.myspace.com/astridswan

I have been in contact with Cats on Fire, and that is mainly my goal this evening, to get some killer shots of those guys, haven’t talked to Astrid Swan, but I bet she won’t say no to the wrath of my 5D… That sounded weird, oh well, stop smiling fuckface.

And the other thing..

2. I’m on TV tonight! If you live in Finland you have access to the channel FST5. YesBox – Digibox. Put on your telly at 22.30 to watch a shortfilm called “The Cleaner 2″, I posses the lead role as an action hero.. You wouldn’t wanna miss this! 5 minutes well spent!

The shortfilm is thrown together by Joakim Levälampi and Sebastian Barner-Rasmussen in the middle of 2008, great guys! This is the sequel to an even shorter film that was more of a “övningsarbete i ljussättning”.. Try translating it yourself! The film is shot in Sipoo. The other star of this movie is Matias Nystedt, the dude who designed my website, how weird is that?

So, check the movie out everyone! The film will also be avaliable on the internet the following day at Yle Areena… I’ll post some pics from the making of The Cleaner 2. Hope your interested, otherwise, close your browser…

Saber TageTage the Knight

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2 Responses to “TAVASTIA & I’M ON TV… TONIGHT!”

  1. We’re stars! Yeah!

  2. We sure are!!
    And if someone missed the film.. Here is a link to it!



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