Tavastia calling!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Yes, finally.

The Tage has been kinda busy lately with all kinds of video projects, commercial films and what not, but now, yes now, I finally found some peace in my chest. That means live rock n’ roll shooting again.. Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Only minutes ago I found out that I will be shooting two very heavy metal gigs tomorrow (today) at Tavastia in Helsinki.

The bands performing this evening will be Omnium Gatherum as well as Dead Shape Figure. Gonna be swell to load up the Canon gun again for some live framing.

Wish me the best of luck, since it’s been weeks and days since I last shot some rockers on stage I feel I could need your crossed fingers and your bow (Highly intended Legolas pun). Check out the bands and join me at Tavastia tomorrow why don’t you.

—>>> Omnium Gatherum

—>>> Dead Shape Figure

Have a pleasant evening/night/morning, whatever suits your clock, folks!

// Tage – In front of the stage again…

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