Tage goes to Amsterdam!

Friday, August 13th, 2010


Only yesterday I got everything booked, steady and ready for my journey to Amsterdam – The Tage is about to go check out the IBC Amsterdam 2010 thingy..

Yes. IBC what? (One might ask..) Well, IBC stands for International Broadcasting Convention, it’s a very large happening held every year in Amsterdam with around 50 000 visitors, and all the motherfucking companies in the world will be there to present to me the “what’s hot and what’s not’s”. The thing lasts for about a week and I’m gonna be there for 3 days I believe..

I myself have decided to drool for about 3 days over Canon’s new and upcoming stuff while I’m not minding anything or anyone else.. Drool like a stuffed animal in Kenya. Drool like whatever.. Drool aka driveling or slobbering. You know, drool! I’ll be travelling with my good tech-spec friend Stefano Mountainforce, and I believe that he will be drooling like a monkey on Crystal Meth over the Avid tables..

The thing is going down in a couple of weeks and I hope that I can present to you some nice shots from this very media-technical journey..!

While I’m waiting for the days to pass, you might check out the IBC site..


//Tage – The Amsterdam Dude

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4 Responses to “Tage goes to Amsterdam!”

  1. Amsterdam is the sex capital of Europe…..just sayin’
    Maybe you could grab a “Wondersex” t-shirt or something…

  2. A wondersex t-shirt, a smashing idea? :)

    Anyway, I’ve been to Amsterdam before, and I would say it’s the greatest city I’ve ever visited… It’s, how do you say, yes, awesome!

  3. I love Amsterdam,
    I can’t wait for your shots

    Have fun!

  4. I will! :)

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