Sturm und Tage once again!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Yes, tomorrow!

After a very long break Sturm und Drang have finally started gigging again, and tomorrow the boys will hit Helsinki, they’ll rock off at D.O.M, a rather new invention – and for sure, your Tage will be there making the night last forever in frames, so do expect at least one insert from my night with Sturm und Drang tomorrow. Since it’s been so long since I last shot the Sturm boys I’m really excited to get this thing portrayed, hopefully we’ll get some v-logs also!

So, wish me luck tomorrow and let’s hope for some great times with the Sturm und Drang boys! Meanwhile, hit the D.O.M page why don’t you!

–>>> D.O.M Helsinki

And why not hit the Sturm und Drang site?

—>>> Sturm und Drang

Have a good one chaps! And hey, why not show up tomorrow, I bet it’ll be a night to remember – you get to witness the new bassist Joel Wendlin! And loads of new tunes from the band as well!

// Tage – Going Drang again!

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