Sturm und Drang – making the video

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Well now.

Some weeks ago the good people at Eva Lingon Ltd. were asked to create a new music video for Sturm und Drang to an upcoming new single. This was to be a smooth collaboration between Eva Lingon Ltd., West Bay Entertainment and Pampas Production. We gladly accepted the task.

And so last week we shot the video in Jakobstad with a hip crew and around 60 dancing extras from various parts of Finland – the band has got some really cool fans alright. We got the shots we came for and the editing process is very much at large as we speak.

The video was directed by Tage Rönnqvist, shot by Rasmus Tåg, Gaffered by Klosse Wistbacka and produced by Jan-Olof Svarvar. More tech-specs and info coming later on..

Have a look at some “making the video” frames. All of them shot by Daniel Bro.

( Making the Sturm und Drang music video – photos by Daniel Bro )

I don’t have an exact release date for this video yet, as far as I know it’ll hit Youtube quite soon. So keep a lookout.

And while we are waiting for a release, please hop by some links n’ sites.

—>>> Sturm und Drang

—>>> Eva Lingon Ltd.

—>>> West Bay Entertainment

—>>> Pampas Production

Have a good one now you hear!

// Tage – Sturm und VideoTage

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