Stina Ekblad

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Yes – this is a nice task!

Today I’m heading to Wasa for a hip mission tomorrow, I’m about to capture some frames of the very talented actress Stina Ekblad for the finlandssvenska filmtidningen Filmjournalen.

I’ll probably have around 3 minutes to get the perfect portrait of her, so it’s gonna be quite the in and out job. The shoot is going down over at the Ritz, so it’s a really nice place for portraits I believe. Hopefully I’ll manage to get a nice moment of light with her during my 3 minutes – one can always hope!

Anyway, wish me luck on this one, feels like I could use a boost of luck!

// Tage – Stina

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2 Responses to “Stina Ekblad”

  1. I’m sure all the dudes and ladies from the travel department in Finland know you very well…unless you travel by car. :D

    Anyway, good luck on this one! ^^

  2. :) haha.. But this time I’m travelling by car! :)

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