Stina Ekblad for Filmjournalen!

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Well, yes!

About two months ago I portrayed the renowned actress Stina Ekblad for the Filmjournalen magazine. I haven’t been allowed to publish the shots from that day until now – cause the magazine hasn’t been on sale until a few days ago, get it.

So, this post holds a selection of frames from that day at the Ritz theatre in Wasa as I took some snaps of Stina Ekblad for Filmjournalen while the great Jens Finnäs was pulling off an interview with the lady. One of the shots even made the cover for the mag – so that’s swell alright!

( The smiling Stina Ekblad for Filmjounalen )

I have to point out that this was probably one of the most hectic shoots I’ve done, like ever. I was given around 3 minutes to smash away some paintings of the lady, so most of the shots were taken while Jens was doing the interview..

( The BW Stina )

I’ve seen all kinds of Stina Ekblad movies over the years, and I’ve always had a picture in my mind that she is really sweet, nice and awesome.. And when I met her for the shoot I have to say, I was right, way right! She was such a cool character – perhaps even cooler than I imagined.

( Ekblad at the Ritz )

What more? Well, I welcome more of these portraying actors for magazines gigs – hand them over folks, cause this was loads of cool!

( The serious close-up )

..and then I had this idea to use my scanner to get all of the 7 pages on Stina showed to you in great quality. But since my scanner is quite the fuck-up I had to steal the next shot from Jens Finnäs website, he has probably been riding the same route of thoughts, but his scanner seems to work..

It’s small, but it’s something alright. To read the whole article you get to invest your easily earned money in the latest issue of Filmjournalen – it’s good for you!

( Filmjournalen gives you Stina Ekblad )

Hope you liked these shots of Stina Ekblad. Have a good one folks!

// Tage – Stina!

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