Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Well well.. Finally, I hear a distant voice of despair in the men’s room behind the veil cry out.. What?

I have now finished the editing of the So Long Sisters pictures which I blew out of this world last Sunday. In this post I’ll publish the ones worth showing to someone, and naturally I’ll post the shots in my “photography” folder also. So here goes nothing – Tage presents to the “world” (phew) the new promotional shots of the Karijoki-based punk-pop-rock band called So Long Sisters!

So Long Sisters (December 2009)

( The Sisters in Vaskiluoto December 2009 )

I really like the location of these shots, so at least I’ll give myself a sitting ovation and a few feeble golf applause for managing to use the location for something helpful, at least in Karijoki. If something has to bug me it’ll be some of the elbows in this one, didn’t see that until I got home that day. Everything needs guidance, and not just everyone but everything. But this I know to the next shoot – watch out for the elbows.. Hah. Sounds like the title of a very hefty flick. But all in all I like the first shot pretty much!

And the next one people…

So Long Sisters part 2 (December 2009)

( Another way of posing – the more sour kind )

And yes, the second one is shot with a 70-200 2.8 lens, and what can this dude say about that.. Huh? Nothing really. This shot is kinda good, but I like the first one a lot more, but maybe that has to do with the “graphics” or how should I put it. This one is all in all quite good in my opinion. Should have pushed the editing in a brighter way though, but what’s done is done, or sometimes you’ll have to undo it.. CTRL+Z everyone! Hella cool!

And then of course the individual shots. And in beforehand I’ll apologize to you guys for the resolution – I kinda fucked things up, but It’ll take too long to undo things, time of which I at the moment don’t have enough of – gotta examine my Playstation 3 or whatever..

SLS_3 ( Janica Dahlgren und Sofia Dahlgren )

SLS_4( Niina Alavillamo und Salla Koivumäki )


… and when I said that I somewhat fucked up the resolution I mean the following.. When you click the “pair-shots” the site won’t show you any bigger-scaled shots. But if you press the last one, the one of Noora Alavillamo (the drummer) you’ll get a larger one.. So that’s what I mean by fucking up shots. If you wanna see all the pics in a bigger scale you’ll have to swing by my Deviantart-site at the following clickable link, or how should I make it clearer? ( )

Perhaps there is nothing more to tell you guys about this shoot. I love working with these girls, they are easy to shoot and they have some great tunes that hopefully will blow out some speakers in your car in a somewhat near future. If you wanna hear, learn and see more of these girls I suggest that you check out their myspace page at the following link…

—>>> ( )

Thank you all for checking these shots out, hopefully you’ll get to witness some more promo shots tomorrow, of another band or yet another dog from some small town very very distant from your computer screen. But hey, have a great Sunday evening and I’ll see you again – if you tune in to my somewhat semi-retro liberated blog spot! Sankta fucking Lucia everyone!

//Tage – the promo man

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