Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Ah, yes!

We have finally finished the shooting of the fourth music video. And this was done for the fabulous band called Coredust to their song Without Disguise. Check out some pictures from yesterday when the thing was put into the camera…

( Jyty, Olli, Sakke, Wequ, Esa, Andy, Magnum, Sara, Tage & Ramedus )

This video has been in the planning stage for about 2 months now, and yesterday every idea and concept was finally realized. Although I had expected several misunderstandings and difficulties, like always when doing a project of this size, we encountered about none. And this is actually true – everything went according to the plan – well almost, but still maybe 95% percent. And this was all good news… We spent a good 12 hours in the company of about 18 people, all the extras are missing on the pic above…

( Magnum on the set )

I have never pulled off a music video project of this size, and I can’t believe we did it without any difficulties – and with a good result also! When we glanced through the raw material we came to the conclusion that we had succeed. Bloody fantastic. We shot the whole thing with my 5D Mark II using three different lenses, some tripods and a video crane – which was awesome and will be used in all of our upcoming projects, and that’s the truth, we can’t live without the thing anymore! Video crane for the win baby!

( The boys in the band with the cinematographer Ramedus )

And yes, all of the shots in this blog post were shot with Ramedus’ camera Nikon D90, I don’t know exactly who took them, but I guess it was Ramedus, Andy Maplefield and Magnum W.

Do indeed visit the website of Ramedus ( ) and the one of Andy Maplefield of course ( ).  The shots are taken with a Nikon because we shot the video with my camera and didn’t use it for anything else – this was all just for your information. Let me know if you didn’t wanna know.

( Jaska Raatikainen & Juuso Jauhiainen )

We even had the pleasure of working with some great extras this day. Even the drummer from Children of Bodom, Jaska Raatikainen, showed up! The pic above displays Jaska and Juuso during a beer-ordering-extras-take. An enormous thanks goes out to these guys – you were great!

Among the other extras were two dancers from Tampere called Tiia Räikkä and Tara Nyman, the car driver Mika from Kovanen car rentals and Pasi Luoma as “the big guy”…

( Ramedus )

The video was and is directed by Tage, shot by Ramedus, craned by Magnum, lit and “technicated” by Andy, make-up by Sara and what more.. But of course, acted out by the very cool dudes in Coredust. It’ll later be edited by Tage and Ramedus at the Ramedus offices and we’ll probably get some grading expertise from the great Andy “Anders Lönnfeldt” Maplefield.

( Tara Nyman – waitress & dancer )

( Mr. Raatikainen – one of the extras )

( The crane in the bar )

And probably the most gigantic thank you’s of them all goes out to Painobaari in Helsinki and it’s owner Wequ for all their assistance and help during this whole process! Thank you very very much! ( ).

But obviously there has to be some disturbing news also.. The video will not be uploaded or shown anywhere until the beginning of June 2010. This is all because of the following facts – we are gonna arrange a public viewing for the video at Painobaari where it all went down yesterday. During this premier evening Coredust will perform a whole set and the video will be screened three times. Why not earlier you say? ..Cause the bar was not available any sooner during the weekends. That’s why. But at least we will have something to look forward to for the next 2 months! :)

( El Director )

( Tage with Sara and the Dancers/Waitresses )

Hope you all enjoyed this little bloggy thingy with some unique making of stills of yesterday’s big time music video shoot! After this it’s all about editing for the next couple of weeks and a gigantic premier at Painobaari in Helsinki in the beginning of the upcoming summer. And yes, the premier is open for every motherfucking one of you! Welcome! Dates and information about this particular upcoming evening later on folks!

Keep it up and visit the Coredust site —>>> ( ).

//Tage – the video is now shot!

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  5. Oujeah! I looked at the material earlier today and I just want to put my hands in to it right now and start editing! :)

  6. Magnificent, man!
    We will get to it as soon as possible! :)

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  9. Sori Pati, Tage e upptagen ha ja hört! ;)

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  11. [...] Yesterday was the day of the Coredust video-shoot. The song is Coredust – Without Disguise and the whole thing was shot at Painobaari in Helsinki where we spent about 12h yesterday. You can read more about the shoot on Tages blog HERE. [...]

  12. Siistiä et saitte videon kuvatuksi :D

  13. Niinpä niin! Nyt täytyy vaan odottaa sitä ensi-iltaa.. Luultavasti ensinäytös ja youtube julkaisu on jo Toukokuussa, tuli uusia komentoja.. Ehkä.. :)

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    Seriously though, can't wait to see the video!

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