Shame Lane

Sunday, October 17th, 2010
So, yes? Well yes.

This is unique ya’ll. This is spectacular. This has been in talks for nealry 30 years already, well, maybe I’m over-doin’ things, but anyway. Welcome to the Shame Lane experience. And here’s the thing. The Tage is the first person in the world to report on this amazing new up n’ coming blazing sleazy glam-rock your shoes
off brilliant act.
( Dr. Landslide, Magnum Bayer & Goldie Andrews – Tony Lane was absent )

Yesterday I was finally called in to the Shame Lane rehearsal camp, located at a secret location on the Carp Island. Invited to listen to the band of the century, some cool songs and really get inside the heads of this fabulous glam act. Now these boys mean business, they have produced some really cool songs with lyrics and riffs at the top of the glam game.

To get there, to find this secret hide-out, I had to call up the band to get some driving instructions.. “Drive through the darkness until you see a blue bicycle”.
So, when I got there Mr. Goldie Andrews on the guitars wanted to bid me welcome with a song he holds dear. So I settled down in their camp sofa, a place where things have been going down for years, and Goldie let the strings bring forth the melody. Know what he played? He interpreted Ronan Keating’s “When you say nothing at all”.. This was a
brilliant start to one Godforsaken evening of splendid themes and show-off’s!
( Magnum Bayer – The fronter of Shame Lane )

After the crew had played around 7 songs for me I got to choose which ones I wanted for the encore, and I’ll tell ya, after you hear Shame Lane’s hit single Highly Addicted, well then,you wanna hear it again, fact. I predict that this group of glammy sleaze dudes are in for a rocking future. Fantastic boys! And I bet they can deliver a smashing live act as well!

Fun fact. One of the songs they jammed for my ears held a lyric line I thought, and still thinks, went like this.. “My fat turns into a boy”. Don’t even remember what the line really was,
but don’t you agree that “my fat turns into a boy” is the catchiest line of century? Anywho.
( Dr. Landsline – the man behind the drums )
Shame Lane is a 4-man strong sleazy glam act, holding members such as the whiskey guzzling frontman Magnum Bayer on the Warlock bass and vocals, the golden Goldie Andrews on vocals and guitar,
the licklayin’ Tony Lane on guitars and the infamous Dr. Landslide on drums. Unfortunately Tony Lane couldn’t be around yesterday, Magnum told me that he was sleeping in a container
in “hartmansgrändin”, this conondrum remains to be solved later on..
( The golden Goldie Andrews )

Anyway. Hold on to your fangs for a while, cause sometime in a not very distant future Shame Lane is putting up a myspace with some songs for your pleasure, songs to make love to.. And while your waiting, imagine your favorite band, spill some whiskey and hairspray over it, stir it up with a pack of hot glam dudes, then you’ll have Shame Lane in your head.. Cause that’s what theysound like! Kinda lika a Hurriganes, Wolfmother, WASP, Social Distortion, and a garage rock from hell type of thing..

( Magnum Bayer )

And yes, this post also holds a v-log for your eyes and ears! Check out the status report from Magnum Bayer, and feel the autenthic wibe of Shame Lane!

( A status report from Magnum Bayer – Shame Lane )

Peace out, stay tuned and very well informed!

//Tage – my fat turns into a boy

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2 Responses to “Shame Lane”

  1. “my flat turns into a morgue”, I’ve just been enlightened. :D :D:D
    It’s so awesome that the name is finally here, and it’s a good one! Shame Lane.
    Expecting great stuff from the boys!!!

  2. :) I think that “My fat turns into a boy” is a way more cool line! :)

    Yes, you should definitely expect awesomeness and greatness from these lads!

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