Rocklandia – Negative

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

So, yes!

A week ago, or so, the Rocklandia festival was held in Wasa where I snooped around as the official festival shooter.

A few days ago I posted a heap of preview shots from the festival, and as time goes by I’ll upload more n more rock shots from the festival as I get them corrected, schmorrected and lolerrected. The festival was visited by a lot of great bands, so, expect a few shots during the upcoming weeks.

And here you go, all of my Negative frames from the Rocklandia festival, get busy!

( Negative at Rocklandia by Tage )

And that’s that folks – hope you found something you liked!

—>>> Negative

I’ll return with more Rocklandia later. Rock.

// Tage – Negatage

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