Monday, January 11th, 2010

So yes?

It has all come down to this, and let me just say, finally! It has been months and months since the Rock Perry festival 2009 was held in Waasa, Finland.. Months I say. It has been such a long time ago that no one was alive back then, think about it.. That’s enough. I’ve had these pictures in my to-do list for a long time, and I’ve even got a few e-mails from the true SuD-fans asking me where the fuck the pictures are – and now they are here! So enjoy them fuckers! I’m gonna post a link at least 2 times in this entry to all the pics from the show, they can be found at my DeviantArt from the following link >>>>> ALL THE PICS <<<<<


What am I even talking about, I hear the unknowing dudes ask, let me tell you.. Yes. These pics are from the Sturm und Drang show held at the Rock Perry festival during this past summer of 2009. The shots have been in a “soon-state” on my desktop for 5 months and now I have finally found the strength and honor to go through them and edit 67 of the shots.. 10 of them found in this blog, the other 57 on my Deviant-site…

( The Liver Runs Dry )

The fans, gotta love the fans.. Sturm und Drang has a song called “The River Runs Dry”, and you gotta give a big hand to the fans for coming up with something as innovative as this – Love it! A really really Finnish joke.. Awesome. Sturm und Drang – You need to know that you have the best fans in the world..

The facts about this show is summed up in many ways.. This was a show where my main focus was  to gather material for the documentary about the band. So I was with the boys in the band for many hours before the show, and even many hours after the show, so hopefully you’ll find some of the “not-live” shots interesting, cause they really are somewhat unique, no matter how stupid it sounds, I was the only one with a camera backstage so what you’ll see is really, and I’ll say it again, unique.. Maybe I should tag the word.. ( Tage is tagging Unique ).. And I’m back..

And maybe I should give you the link to all the pics from the show again.. Should probably do that, and who’s gonna argue? Here comes the link, click the following to get all of the shots from this gig >>>>> ALL THE SHOTS <<<<<


And as always with this “blogging with vertical pics”.. It really sucks. You never know when and why a picture starts and when it ends.. It’s a hell-hole this wordpress thing, so forgive me if the layout sucks ass. But whaddaya gonna do about it? Returning to the posting of more shots..

( These Chains? )

And since the fans get to be so hilariously funny with their wordplay board “The Liver Runs Dry” I get to wordplay a little don’t you think.. This shot above – I call it These Chains – which is another SuD song… Although I’m not half as funny.. I’m such an ass – but then again, whaddaya gonna do?

And to your right you can witness Alex Ivars, the guitar virtuoso of Sturm und Drang, having one of those killer sticks in front of the tour bus.. To the far right of this shot you could see the drummer of Backyard Babies,but I cropped him out to give Alex the light he needs.. Haha.. It’s actually true. And what more should I tell you about this gig, I still have many shots to publish, and I need horseshit to write about.. What do I remember from this day? Nothing comes to mind at the moment, so I’ll keep blabbering about nothing until I reach the bottom of this pic, and then I’ll post another one right away and hopefully I’ll have some memories to share from that picture instead of this one.. Hmmm, reaching it now, reaching the end, hopefully, and since wordpress is a basterd of a layout program I won’t even know when I’ve reached the end, I guess it’s right about now, finally!


( Sturm und Fisheye? )

I’m really happy I got to try out some of these FishEye shots.. Since I was the only one who got to be in front of the audience border for the whole show I got some peace and relaxing moments to try out my FishEye lens from the right angle.. I don’t really know if I got what I wanted, but at least I got to practice a little with the lens.. And practice will some day make perfect, I fucking hope.. And mind you, all of these shots are taken with my Canon EOS 40D (which is for sale), this was all before I invested in my 5D Mark Tage.

To the left you see André Linman thanking the lovely audience for a spectacular show.. And this is something I remember now guys.. After the show André always asks everyone what they thought of the show.. And this time he was in flames and fumes, he was really really happy with the show, he shouted out “Dehe va satan den bästa spelningen vi nånsin gjort, VITTU”, and I’ll fast translate this one into German with google translator, just to be different.. “Dies war Satan, der beste Gig, den wir je gemacht haben, Vittu”…

Hopefully the german speaking readers, of which there are none, can agree with my translation, and one can only hope right…

And yes, the gig was really good, this was the first time ever they covered The Darkness – I believe in a thing called love, I think.. Maybe.. Anyway – the gig was powerful and André’s singing was really good, heck, all of the boys did great.. Although Alex’s responce to André’s happy chants after the gig was a laid back “Yes”..


( Alex and André at Rock Perry )

The shot above has got to be one of my favourites of all time shooting Sturm und Drang – I love André’s face and pose – it’s, in my opinion, one of the most “live” pics I’ve taken.. And since my opinion is the only thing that counts – I’m right.. Haha.. All in all, I like this shot! What? Ahh, shut up.

So, right, this Godforsaken piece of shit for a program called WordPress just crashed down.. Aw, for fuck sake.. But then I got a little bit lucky with the auto save function, if it wasn’t for that function this post would never have seen the light of today.. God I hate this shit..

Well then.. To your left, or if you are behind your screen, it will be to your right, enough said.. The pic of André is taken 1 minute later than the Jeppe pic in the same place and posé.. The light was cool and some of the stage smoke leaked out backstage, so it was a Canon moment.. And it’s kinda cool right, he looks like an MC driver with the wrong t-shirt. Lekledare, haha, it means Awesome cool Turtle from Waasa in English, I think.. I may be wrong..

And what more.. This blog thing took me days and hours to make, so I’d appreciate if no one reads it or checks it out, just to be different. Well I could always post a link to the band’s website, yes, I’ll do that, so if you wanna have a peek at the web site of Sturm und Drang, follow the link >>>>> STURM UND DRANG <<<<<


And now we have reached the point when I’ll post the last picture of this set, so enjoy the last one while you can, since the band is not touring at all for the moment, so there will be no more Sturm und Drang live pics for a while, but perhaps and almost certainly some other type of shots of the group, but as for the live shots – this is the last one for some time – and it’s not even a stage shot – ironic isin’t it?

( Calle backstage – with his fans almost backstage )

And this was the last one.. Hope you liked the shots, and since no one is reading anymore I can finally put out some ugly words – “kisi kakka”…

And remember – for all the shots of this series click the following link >>>>> ALL THE SHOTS <<<<<

//Tage – The Rock Perry Unique

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13 Responses to “ROCK PERRY 2009”

  1. Ååååja! Great pics man, one of your best live sessions I’d say! Love the one with André posing with the guitar in the air!

    Keep them pics (and inside jokes with pics) coming!

    Last but not least a possible tagline for ya: “You shoot for the stars and they keep falling down..” A nice clishé..

  2. Thanks man!
    I shoot for the stars in many ways, but I can’t agree with you that they are falling down.. They are just shining brighter every day!


  3. Dom har gjort en medley med I believe in a thing called love för länge sen iaf, vet inte om det var det du menade… o.O

  4. Haha this was funny, I liked that :D

  5. Lumi —>>> Det var just denna medley jag talade om “I believe in a thing/Mortals”.. Kanske en av de bättre medley’na man hört! Jätte rock!

    JW —>>> Thanks!! Loved to put it together also! ..Ja saat kyllä kirjoittaa Suomen kauniilla kielellä jos haluat.. Kyllä se menee läpi :) haha..

  6. These pics are also posted (by who? :D :D:D shhh) at the SuD fan page in Facebook, so there might be some kick ass comments on your shots ^^ (I haven’t checked them out yet, I’m just coming back from school). Go see them if you have time.
    Great photos, really. And I finally figured Andre’s hair secret. Nice hair aaand nice hair, goddamn it! I want one, too. :D
    Also, I got what he meant even in German, lol. I guess the teacher actually taught me something. If you try Spanish or French, there’s a big possibility that I get that, too xD But I can always use my best friend – Google translate.

  7. vooi teit oikee tälläsen hienon :D
    kivoi kuvii kyl :–)) ja jopa mäki oon päässy kerranki kuvaa :D hehe

  8. Stefani —>>> I glanced through the facebook page! Thanks alot for doin’ this.. Thanks, awesome that someone cares so much for pics to take a huge bite of energy of themselves to do this! Thanks babe! There is quite much fuzz about andrés hair.. haha.. Why? Is it so adorable? Maybe you should make a fb-group for his hair..? Google translate is fucking awesome! Love it!

    Laurad —>>> Kiitokset, hyvä että maistuu! Ja jopa sinäkin oot päässy kuville, hienoo! :-) Toivottavsti pojat pitää aivan tuota pikaa enemmän keikkoja että kuvia sateilee!


  9. The hair. Since girls look more into details than boys (and 70% of SuD’s fans are girls), I guess it’s normal to talk about Andre’s hair. But look at it, it’s completely straight, even a press can’t do that well O.o It’s also very thick and shiny, but I don’t think he eats fish oil all the time to maintain it, so his genes in that particular area are AWESOME. Oh, and let’s not forget about the length and strength of the hair. He could basically do whatever the hell he wants to with it. And that’s why life is unfair!!!
    Calle also has great hair, he has volume and thickness. But it’s short now, so not everyone can appreciate his hair as they do with Andre. xD

    And I’m the one that should be thanking you for those pics, don’t turn things around , haha ! :D :D:D

  10. Haha no kai mää sit kirjotan tällä kivalla äidinkielelläni :D Tuli kyl niin kauheena muistoja mieleen ku ite oli tuolla :p Laitatko jostain muista kesän keikoista kuvia joita oot kuvannu? =)

  11. Stefani —->>>> I opened my mouth when I saw your comment about Andre´s hair, and would you belive something, it’s still open.. How the hell can someone write such a long piece on a metalhead’s hair? Hahaha! And in a funny way also.. Love everything about that comment! Just awesome! Still smiling..

    JW —->>>> En mitenkään sitten meinannut että sun Enkku on huono, vaan sitä että sä tiiät että ymmärrän kyllä jonkinverran suomeakin, ja osaan hiemankin vähän sitä kirjoittaa, ehkä pitäisi laitta blogijutun suomeksi.. haha. Siinähän olis vasta juttu… Ja laitanko vielä kesästä kuvia, muistaakseni olen jo laittanut kaikki kuvat mitä on.. Olin ehkä 4-5 keikassa tänä kesänä kuvaamassa ja ne kuvat kyllä löytyy jo, jostain mun sivuista.. Joten, toivotaan että pojat heittää uuden keikan aivan tuota pikaa, ehkä.. Toivotaan.

  12. Joo tajusin, vaikka pakko myöntää ettei se nyt kovin hyväkään ole : D Joo voisit vaikka googlekääntäjällä tehä blogijutun suomeksi (vois olla aika mielenkiintosen näköstä..) : D Ja toivotaan että heittäis pian taas keikkoja!

  13. Toivotaan toivotaan!

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