Production meeting – The Cajunga

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Yes – it is coming!

So, what do we have here, well, in about a week or so we are about to shoot our next music video – and this one is for The Cajunga, since they are about to release their second album pretty soon, exciting!

And by the way folks, we are still looking for loads of extras, hope to see you in their next video, that’s right, you! Contact me if you wanna be a part of the video – I’d be honored to work with your face.

So, moving on, today we held a production meeting at the Ramedus office with our brand new producer – Tomi Järvinen – have a go at his face, say hi!

( Tomi Järvinen – producer )

And since this is Järvinen’s first rock n’ roll production with us I believe we should smile. Hello Tomi. The dude is a chillin’ mastermind with an epic finger for getting shit done in a fashionable way. Expect cool results from the new guy!

So, enough said about the producer. As I said, we are still lookin’ for extras to take part in the upcoming The Cajunga video – the shoot is goin’ down in Turku on the 7th of May. We cannot offer you 25 million dollars for helping out, but what we can do, and what we will do, is to give you a grand experience and a great amount of snacks and beer to get you in the right feel – the video, the feeling we are aiming for is this “American Pie” kinda party thingy rock show, so we need a great amount of party dudes and dudettes to help us get a party goin’! Come rock with The Cajunga!

What else? Nothing. Join us.

// Tage – Soon to direct another Cajunga video!

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